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Bios is a preset expansion pack for u-he's Hive 2. 

Bios is a very versatile library. The majority of the presets are initially very chilled & understated, making them suitable for underscoring, ambient or downtempo work. Start to use the mapped controls (modwheel, breath, expression & aftertouch) and they can become very nasty in nature! This makes them perfect for genres such as cyberpunk, darkwave & trailer...maybe a load more electronic genres!  

Bios comes with 136 presets (with extra variations).


  • 10 arps

  • 17 basses

  • 2 hats

  • 2 hat sequences

  • 10 keys

  • 1 kick

  • 11 leads

  • 20 pads

  • 1 percussion

  • 12 plucks

  • 16 pulses

  • 6 sequences

  • 3 snares

  • 2 sub basses


  • 7 braams

  • 5 bass drops (each with 4 length variations)

  • 4 risers (each with 7 length variations)

  • 5 impacts

  • 1 strange


Bios also comes with 21 custom wavetables - these are required to be installed so that the presets function as expected.

The vast majority of the presets have the modwheel, breath & expression mapped. Quite a few also have aftertouch mapped. Using the controls gives a great amount of flexibility and variation in the presets.

I endeavoured to keep the maximum volume of each preset around -5dBFS true peak.

The presets were created in Hive 2 version 2.0.1 (revision 9709) so I cannot guarantee them working in an earlier version. You can get the most up to date version of Hive 2 from u-he’s website.

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