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Evoke is a preset expansion pack for Synapse Audio's Obsession. 

Evoke is a cinematic/electronic library with a little analog touch. Lush, moving pads, thick leads and pulses and some very expressive keys should enable you to create a wide range of cinematic and electronic styles.

Evoke includes 65 presets.

  • 1 atmosphere

  • 7 basses

  • 1 drum

  • 1 fx

  • 10 keys

  • 9 leads

  • 16 pads

  • 8 plucks

  • 8 pulses

  • 4 sequences

Virtually all presets have the modwheel mapped to something. Aftertouch and expression are mapped in quite a few presets to give the ability to play the presets with some dynamism.

I endeavoured to keep the maximum volume of each preset around -5dBFS true peak.

The presets were created in Obsession 1.01 so I cannot guarantee them working in an earlier version. You can get the most up to date version of Obsession from Synapse Audio's website.

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