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Fractured is a preset expansion pack for Newfangled Audio’s Generate. ​

Focusing more on the dark side of sound, although with some lighter touches. 

Containing 100 presets

  • 11 basses

  • 2 FX

  • 26 keys

  • 9 leads

  • 33 pads

  • 3 plucks

  • 11 pulses

  • 5 textures

​The vast majority of the presets have modwheel and timbre mapped to create a bit of movement/variation in sound. Pressure is also mapped in some of the presets (look at the leads).


The presets were created in Generate version 1.3.5 so I cannot guarantee them working in an earlier version. You can get the most up to date version of Generate from Newfangled Audio’s website.

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