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Momentia is a preset expansion pack for u-he's Zebra 2. 

At its heart, Momentia is a cinematic library. Suitable for a wide range of cinematic duties. From underscoring all the way through to epic action trailers!

Momentia comes with 100 presets. Moving arpeggios, dark and heavy basses and pulses, epic lush pads, soaring leads and versatile keys - all ready to help you with your next project.

  • 10 arps

  • 16 basses

  • 3 braams

  • 8 keys

  • 10 leads

  • 13 pads

  • 6 percussion sequences

  • 11 plucks

  • 15 pulses

  • 6 sequences

  • 2 sub basses

The vast majority of the presets have the modwheel, breath & expression mapped. Quite a few also have aftertouch mapped. Using the controls gives a great amount of flexibility and variation in the presets.

I endeavoured to keep the maximum volume of each preset around -5dBFS true peak.

The presets were created in Zebra 2 version 2.9.1 (revision 9709) so I cannot guarantee them working in an earlier version. You can get the most up to date version of Zebra 2 from u-he’s website.

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