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Resonate Sound Design collects only the data that is provided when you either contact us or buy one of our products. In the case of the contact form, that is only your name, and email address. When buying a product we collect data that PayPal provides. That can be name, email address and a phone number, if one is connected to your PayPal account.

The data will only ever be used to contact you, our customers, via email, to notify of any updates or sales that may happen.

We will not, under any circumstances, share any of the data we hold with a third party.

You can access the data we hold about you, or request an amendment to that data at anytime. Of course we will also remove any data we about you if you request us to do so.

If you wish to amend or delete any data, or have any other queries about this Privacy Policy, please get in touch via the contact form.

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